Total cargo care system

Vessel design plays a vital role in ensuring quality cargo care and efficiency. The vessels' flush cargo holds offer secure stowage, and easy and safe cargo handling.

The majority of our vessels feature a weather protection system for the gantry cranes which includes side curtains and retractable roofs that extend approximately 13 meters over the ship's side. In most cases, this innovative equipment allows vessels to load and discharge in adverse weather conditions without damage to the cargo. 

In order to secure ideal cargo conditions and minimise the risk of cargo damage due to climatic changes, all of Saga Welco’s vessels are fitted with a sophisticated active dehumidification system to prevent condensation. The temperature and relative humidity can be controlled and adjusted individually in each cargo hold. 

Vessels are designed to accommodate less weather-sensitive cargoes on deck, with special lashing points to secure packaged lumber and containers, and the vessels' design offers a wave-breaker on the forecastle to minimize spray and protect against green seas on deck.

The vessels are equipped with modern handling equipment capable of handling a wide variety of unitized and bulk cargoes. Handling equipment such as semi-automatic pulp and lumber frames, container spreaders, vacuum clamps for newsprint and suitability for grab operations provide ultimate handling performance and flexibility.