Saga Welco continually develops and expands it's trading areas with an increasing global customer base. We currently operate a fleet of 50 sophisticated open-hatch gantry (OHG) vessels and 2 open-hatch jib (OHJ) vessels. We have further 2 open-hatch gantry (OHG) vessels on order which will be entering the Saga Welco Pool in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The fleet today consists of high specification open hatch design, providing customers with the most homogenous open-hatch fleet in the industry. This allows for flexibility and full interchangeability between vessels within the trades that Saga Welco operates. 

Saga Welco invests in development of new, cutting edge logistics and communications systems together with leading technological universities and institutions related to the maritime industry, with the aim of implementing superior service to customers on a global basis. This extensive investment reflects Saga Welco’s long-term and consistent commitment to the forest products, breakbulk and bulk segments. It is Saga Welco’s ambition to be the preferred carrier in our core markets.