Saga Welco is proud to have a state-of- the-art, modern fleet which ensures a high level of flexibility and safety for your cargo. 

  • High-tech vessels 
  • The most homogenous open-hatch fleet in the industry 
  • Flexibility and full interchangeability between vessels 
  • Carries a wide variety of traditional unitized and bulk cargoes 
  • Meeting international environmental standards 

Saga Welco’s box-shaped, open-hatch vessels represent one of the modern and most sophisticated fleets of forest product carriers in the world today. Each OHG vessel is fitted with two specialised gantry cranes with lifting capacity ranging from 40 to 70 MT, depending on vessel series, which in turn provide high-capacity and speed for loading and discharging of unitised cargo. 

The fleet today consists of high specification open hatch design, providing customers with the most homogenous open-hatch fleet in the industry. This allows for flexibility and full interchangeability between vessels within the trades that Saga Welco operates.