Saga Forest Carriers Intl AS was renamed Saga Welco AS, on October 1st, 2014, upon acquisition of the company by NYK Holding (Europe) BV and Masterbulk Pte Ltd. The fleets and subsequent business entities of Saga Forest Carriers Intl and Westfal Larsen Shipping were consolidated. This has created a unique combination of resources and knowhow from two major industry players that each have over a century of leading International shipping tradition. Today, with our “state-of-the-art” open-hatch vessels, procedures and technology, we are committed as one of the major players in the global shipping market with a modern fleet of 51 open-hatch gantry (OHG) vessels and 2 open-hatch jib (OHJ) vessels, with a further open-hatch gantry (OHG) vessel on order.